Your Board of Directors

All Affairs of your association are governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members of the Association.

The Homeowner Board of Directors is charged with the ultimate responsibility and authority for operating the community association on behalf of its owners.

It is the role of the Board to set the policies, standards, procedures, programs, and budgets for the community association.  The Board of Directors is also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all common areas and any amenities within your association.

The Board of Directors also has the fiduciary responsibility for the community association.  This fiduciary duty requires directors to act in the best interested and for the benefit of the community as a whole.

As you can see, being a member of the Board of Directors of your association is an important role. All members of the Board are volunteers and serve without any compensation from your association.  It is important that you give them your support and cooperation for the benefit of everyone living in your community.
AJ Harrison 
James Marcil
Vice President/Treasurer
Pamela Borden 
Jordan Wagner
Assistant Secretary 
Richard Lopez
Resident Board Member
To Contact the Board, please first contact the CCMC Management Team at (210) 740-4976.